Macomb County Pizza Fest

Macomb County Pizza Fest

The Mediterranean

In a pizza showdown called the Motor City PizzaFest, featuring 12 of Macomb County’s best pizzas places, the Mediterranean from Vincenzo’s pizzeria in Warren was voted best veggie pizza in Macomb county.

Best Veggie Pizza

If you already know about Vincenzo’s I’m guessing you already knew that The Mediterranean is Macomb’s best veggie pizza, or you might have some other personal favorite but it’s probably safe to say that you  know Vincenzo’s has some of the best pizzas you can get, and one of Warren’s best kept secrets.

Despite having to work with a faulty oven, Vince and his crew were still able to show the judges that his mouth-watering Meditteranean is clearly the best veggie pizza around.

If you haven’t been to Vincenzo’s, don’t let the unassuming location fool you and don’t wait another minute. Whether you try the best veggie pizza in Macomb or their old-style pepperoni for that authentic pepperoni pizza taste, or even a hoagie or some boneless wings, it’s all delicous and you will not be dissapointed.

Simply put, Vincenzo’s makes great food because they love to eat great food. Winning best veggie pizza at the very least was bound to happen.